1. First Case of Beers (published 2014, Forty Press) -- Former sportswriter Jim "Beers" Biersovich has been working for less than a year at Minneapolis department store La Scala when all hell breaks loose. It's Christmastime, in the year 1999, when a series of pranks and vandalism threaten to derail the holiday shopping season and even imperil customers. Beers and his cohorts--Lena in jewelry, Tina in cosmetics and his buddy Freddy, a sportswriter at the Minnesota Herald--try to decipher a cryptic clue and learn the identity of the vandal. In the end, Beers' knowledge of classic rock music provides the spark that leads to capture of the culprit.

2. Bet on Beers (published 2016, Forty Press) -- Johnny Scalabrino, owner of the La Scala chain, sends Beers to Las Vegas to investigate the mystery of disappearing artifacts at the store and casino. This time, the assignment is more dangerous and complex. When a murder victim appears, Beers questions his chosen line of work and begins preparing an escape route.  The case sends the troupe across the city in a quest for answers. Once again, the solution arrives in musical form, allowing Beers to satisfy both his employer and his desire to remain alive and well.

3. Beers Ahead -- A gruesome discovery heralds the arrival of Halloween season. A head in a hatbox turns out to be a former newspaper co-worker. It disappears as quickly as it showed up, leading La Scala's owner to command Beers to discover the reason why it was in his store. The list of potential killers is long, requiring lots of legwork and research. When the head suddenly reappears in the store's Halloween attraction, the pieces start to come together. The vital clue, however, awaits discovery in the victim's music collection.

4. Jolly Good, Beers (working title) -- Johnny Scalabrino dispatches Beers and Lena to London to scout the location of a future La Scala store. What starts out as a pleasant junket turns into a killing spree embroiling the Beers team. Try as he might to get out of the assignment, Beers is stuck, presenting an immediate danger to his crew. His musical knowledge is tested again, allowing him to decipher a riddle that ensnares the killer.

5. The Fifth of Beers (working title) -- In the days following 9/11, tragedy again strikes La Scala. The doom and gloom atmosphere surrounding the national disaster leads people to believe it's part of the terrorist plot. This killing hits too close to home for Beers, who decides it's time to exit his department store position. Also victim of the incident is his relationship with Emmie, his girlfriend. Beers has one last mission to accomplish before he rocks on down the road.

Cooking With Beers (short story) -- A special dinner with his girlfriend leads to another puzzle to unravel for Beers. This story is part of the Cooked to Death anthology series, volume 3, published in October 2018.