Beers adventure #8, It's Family, Beers, finds the Beers Detective Agency crew burdened with a series of complicated cases revolving around family life. It's the Christmas season in 2002. Johnny Scalabrino has opened his newest La Scala department store in New Orleans. Immediately, he is beset by a clan demanding payment for what they claim is the family burial site. Jim Biersovich and company are sent into the fray to confront the blackmailers. 

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Police Department asks the agency for assistance with a missing person case. Also, a woman wants the death of her happy hour friend investigated. That's plenty enough to keep the agency busy, but on top of that, Beers' girlfriend, Emmie, plans a visit; Beers' father suffers a heart attack; and his friends Freddie and Gidget also plan a trip south to dine their way through the Crescent City.  Further complicating the holiday season is the discovery of a tale of murder involving Beers' mother. 

It's Family, Beers finds the investigative team pulled in many directions while trying to unravel seemingly impossible cases. It is available from Amazon and in both paperback and ebook.

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